Product Catalogue  
Replacement of GI/ RCC/ PVC Pipes
  • Across Rail/ Road Crossings
  • Across Culverts/ Nallahas
  • Along Bridges
Protection of Ducts/ Cables in Local Access Network
Used as Main Duct in Main-Duct/ Sub-Duct Network design
Used as Casing Duct for direct installation of Copper Cable & Fiber Optic Cable
in city networks
Used as Casing Duct for simultaneous  placement of  Quad Cable & Fiber Optic
Cable along Railway Tracks
Provision for future up-gradation of Cable Network in Bridges/ Flyovers/ Metros
Used for Drainage of Waste Water/ Sewage/ Rain Water/ Effluents
Used as Suction & Delivery Pipes for Agricultural Irrigation

Salient Features:

Extremely long life in comparison with GI, RCC & PVC Pipes
Light weight & high flexibility ensure easy transportation, handling & installation
Excellent Mechanical Properties:
  • Higher Ring Stiffness
  • Higher Impact Resistance
  • Higher Crush Resistance
  • Higher Abrasion Resistance
Chemically Inert & resistant to Corrosion
Withstand adverse weather conditions
Environment Friendly
Special Grades:
Anti Rodent Grade (AR): AR Ducts are resistant to rodent attack
Flame Retardant Grade(FR): FR Ducts shall not catch fire or propagate
                                                 burning flame 
Other Variants:
Single Wall Corrugated Ducts (SW): SW  Ducts  are manufactured  without
                                                           the inner plain layer to enhance flexibility
Half-Split Ducts (HF): HF Ducts are Double Wall Corrugated Ducts half-split
                                     fromcentre i.e. along the diameter